Pest Control In Annandale

Pest Control & Termite Inspection is the motto of a reputable pest control company in Annandale. Tested and trusted since 1983, says John Graham, Pest Control Operations Manager. We take pride in removing stubborn, persistent and invasive termite colonies which pose a severe threat to your health and safety. John explains that termite treatment involves two elements, the inspection and the application of pesticides.

There are many pest species in the Sydney area, John continues. Annandale is home to over 4000 different pest species that are categorized as pest but may also cause damage to your property such as the black cockroach. They are a migratory pest which means that they will fly from one structure or dwelling to another looking for food. They are not picky about what they eat. Annandale is one of only a few places in Sydney where it is possible to receive pest clearance which John Graham describes as no tolerance.

If you have been bitten by a mosquito or spiders, or if there are other critters in your home or building, you should call your local pest control company as soon as possible. The first step to a pest-free environment is to locate the pest yourself and determine what method of eradication is necessary. A pest control company in Annandale can assist you with that by performing a thorough inspection to identify the pest and then determining how best to eliminate them. This includes both mechanical methods and the use of natural alternatives which do not harm humans or property.

One method homeowners use to control pest is encapsulation. Exposing wooden structures to termite treatment through a termite fumigation is beneficial because the treatment itself is not harmful to the structure, and the pest cannot enter inside. To achieve this result, a professional residential termite treatment company will apply a fumigation in a contained area, which is designed to kill both the subterranean termites and their larvae.

In Annandale, this termite treatment is known as Bait and Tackle, and it is used on a large scale by several pest control companies. Bait and Tackle consist of a special insecticide (either baits or spray) and a trap. Baits are placed at regular intervals around your residential property, and traps are put in areas where the termite population is especially heavy.

Once the bait is placed in the trap, the homeowner will need to call a pest control company in Annandale immediately, as the infestation could spread quickly. The residential termite treatment is carried out by baiting and deploying traps around the structure, and then the trapped termites are taken to a holding area where professionals can work on them. The pest control company will identify the species of termite involved, then take action according to the kind of infestation. This might include fumigating, which is commonly referred to as ‘farming pesticide’, or using a baited tent or cage to house the pest. A last resort for controlling these pests would be to use lethal pesticides.

Homeowners need to realize that if you live in Annandale, you are not only being affected by termites – other insects and mites are present in small numbers. These include ants, cockroaches, and sometimes even flies. However, because termites are responsible for the majority of the damage in the structure, they are usually the most critical problem. Therefore, homeowners should ensure that any building they live in undergo regular termite treatment. Annandale does have a number of pest companies offering residential termite treatments, but if you cannot find one locally, then searching online might be your only choice.

Some of the pest control companies in Annandale offer their services online, while others may offer their services by phone. If you choose to call, make sure to specify that you are calling a pest control company and not a home maintenance or landscaping company. It is also important to ask about their rates and whether or not they offer a free quote. Finally, talk to them about the methods they use for residential termite treatment in Annandale.

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